December 16, 2019 (Resolved)

@ 6:13pm EST – The US-East4 region has been updated.

@ 5:30pm EST – The US-West2 region has been updated.

@ 3:45pm EST – The US-Central1, Northamerica-Northeast1, Europe-West2 and Australia-Southeast1 regions have been updated. The remaining regions will be updated as soon as possible.

UPDATE A solution has been identified and missing address information will be restored region by region.  This solution does not require a service interruption and all data will be preserved.

We will update this incident as each region is updated.


Last night we released the Address enhancement to all customers.  This enhancement required a database update to merge the two existing address lines (Address1 and Address2) into a “memo” style address.  This database update was applied over multiple tables.  If one of the fields had a NULL value stored, the merged value would result in NULL as well.  Basically, all address line information is blank if this condition is met.

SRE is working on two resolutions and they are being executed in parallel to save time if one does not work.  We cannot give an accurate time frame for resolving this issue.

We are confident this issue only relates to our SaaS customers and does not impact our on-premise installations!